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LED Lighting

LED lighting has revolutionised the ways we can illuminate our workspace. With the help of Diamond Services’ skilled electrical engineers, we advise and support your plans with a wide range of lighting solutions that perfectly fit your needs and environment.

Refurbishing your existing lighting or investing in a completely new system is a great way to improve motivation, concentration, productivity, and wellbeing.

Options for both interior and exterior applications, surface or recessed ceiling light panels, wall or suspended fixings, and simple clean lines or more architectural led finishes means LED lighting is one of the most flexible ways to accomplish an effective lighting scheme for your premises.

Smart lighting, where automated controls can offer extreme energy efficiency, and programmable options for the ultimate flexibility within your workspace, creates a highly adaptable solution for buildings in any industry.

LED lighting is used extensively as a flexible industrial lighting solution. Options such as industrial light fixtures, track lighting and outdoor lights specifically designed for industrial and manufacturing premises.

For commercial LED lighting, the future is very bright. When installed and project managed by an experienced electrical contractor like Diamond Services, it can significantly benefit your organisation. To find out more and to see how we can help you navigate the wide range of options available, please get in touch.

Some of our services:

>LED Lighting 

>LED Spotlights 

>Lighting Design  

>Smart Lighting  

>Programmable Solutions  

>Feature Lighting  

>Human Centric Lighting (HCL)

>Industrial Lighting

>Emergency Lighting  

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Examples of where we have provided electrical services:


>Retail / Shops 


>Manufacturing & Industrial Premises  

>Scientific Facilities  

>Hotels and Leisure Facilities 

>Schools, Colleges & Universities 

>Health & Social Care Facilities 

Some Applications



We offer individually adjustable workplace lighting to offer maximum flexibility. Use LED lighting for reception and entrance areas to help form a positive first impression. Communicate your company culture in meeting rooms and shared spaces with an adaptable lighting scheme including spotlights and adjustable ceiling luminaires to suit the flexibility of your space. Ensure large open plan offices provide the right conditions for visual communication, prevent reflection from screens and create an environment to help maintain the wellbeing of your workforce.



Interior and exterior lighting can transform your home into a place of relaxation and calmness with the use of low energy consumption LED lighting with bespoke design schemes.

You may decide on a smart system for your entire house or focus on certain living spaces like lounges, kitchen and garden areas. The spectacular results are sure to make a mark and be the envy of your neighbourhood.

Education & Research

School corridor

Following a thorough assessment of your requirements, we will specify the right selection of energy efficient lighting solutions, including smart lighting where sensors detect movement, which can contribute to lower energy costs and reduce ongoing maintenance needs.

Classrooms, working areas and other shared workspaces will benefit from recessed luminaire with aluminium reflectors to provide a low glare solution with direct light for maximum attention to Human Centric Lighting (HCL) measures.

Health & Social Care


In a health and social care setting, the correct lighting can create a calming environment and promote wellbeing, especially when natural light sources may not be present.

In medical facilities too, strategically placed LED light panels in appointment rooms, theatres and wards, will provide the optimum conditions for patient care.

As part of our service, we assess your requirements in both aesthetics and performance and conduct lighting calculations to recommend the correct products, positioning and lighting levels.



Efficient use of energy is key to keeping running costs low in industrial and manufacturing facilities and LED lighting can significantly assist with this. With LED lighting typically lasting 10 times longer than traditional solutions and with a host of options available, its low maintenance and flexibility offers many benefits. Smart lighting systems, where unoccupied areas are triggered to turn on by sensors are ideal for washrooms, storage areas and plant rooms.

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