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Thermal Imaging

As an experienced electrical contractor, at Diamond Services we make use of the latest thermal imaging technology for electrical testing as it offers many benefits to our customers.

Thermal cameras detect IR light (infrared radiation) which is completely invisible to humans and uses this information to display an image that shows the wide range of temperatures in an environment. It is particularly useful in energy management and load monitoring testing as it can help us to identify potential hotspots where excessive heat can be an early warning sign to a future failure. This acts to identify heat signatures associated with high electrical resistance long before the circuit becomes hot enough to cause any costly damage.

The technology is very versatile and can be used across many applications for our clients. Full images of the area being tested, and a handy camera interface, helps us to evaluate diagnostics, temperature measurements and calculate what needs to be fixed more quickly than traditional troubleshooting.

The Benefits of Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging can be used to assess system efficiency, component damage and as a preventative maintenance tool.

With regular annual testing of core electrical systems and equipment, customers can prevent potentially costly downtime caused by component failure or, even more importantly, alleviate safety concerns from an outage or breakdown.

System Efficiency
Another very useful benefit of using thermal cameras for electrical testing is that it can indicate how efficiently a system is running and identify if excess power is unnecessarily being used.

Investigative work is a lot less intrusive for our customers and less time consuming than manual troubleshooting and so, when appropriate, we are able to use thermal cameras to develop a picture behind the scenes of your electrical system and inspect any areas of concern. This inspection can be completed when the area is still powered up which offers a lot more flexibility for our customers.

Where can we use thermal imaging?

>Cable Runs & Terminations

>Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Panels

>Motors and Pumps

>Critical or essential power

>External power supplies such as generators, Combined heating power (CHP) & UPS

>Power Busbars, electrical risers and tap off units

>Electrical Distribution Boards and Main Panel Boards

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about how Diamond Services can help your business using thermal imaging technology, please contact us.

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