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Emergency Lighting

In times of power failure, it is vital occupants can safely find their way out of the building by means of emergency lighting.

Enabling the safe evacuation of people is the main reason for an emergency lighting system, making sure your building conforms to fire legislation procedures and reducing risk to building occupants.

We offer both standby and escape lighting which operates independently from your main power supply so that in event of a power failure, occupants will safely be able to see. Solutions include single self-contained units right through to large central battery systems.

Our emergency lighting systems are installed and maintained in compliance with British Standard 5266 (part 1 2016 and part 8 2004) which details the premises types and illumination levels required.

LED Emergency Lighting

LEDs are an alternative means of emergency illumination to that of traditional fluorescent and incandescent lamped fittings. The significant advantages to LED lighting technology include the reduced ongoing maintenance costs and long life (life expectancy is 10 times that of traditional fittings), power savings of up to 30% for energy and carbon efficiency, and an extended range of contemporary designs that are now available.

Examples of where we have installed emergency lighting:

>Hotels & Restaurants


>Care Homes


>Manufacturing Facilities

>Schools & Colleges

>Flat & Apartment Complexes

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