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Fire and Security Systems

Protecting your commercial premises and property can be achieved with Diamond Services’ range of fire and security systems.

Fire protection and life safety equipment are installed to meet strict standards and conform to all industry regulations. From fire alarm systems and fire suppression equipment right through to emergency lighting, we have all your needs covered.

We also offer a range of security systems including intruder and access alarms and CCTV monitoring.

At Diamond Services, we work with you to ensure the right specification for your needs. We also offer servicing and maintenance to make sure your systems are working as they should, so they are effective when you need them.

Protecting your property and assets

We provide professional and highly reliable products including open protocol analogue, conventional and wireless fire alarms for commercial, industrial, and residential premises. Inspection and testing of your equipment should be conducted at least every six months, or more frequently if a risk assessment warrants it, and we can build a bespoke support package for you to ensure you remain compliant.

We take into consideration your building structure and use before specifying a system to suit your fire risk in accordance to current regulations and use leading manufacturers equipment to provide you with a safe and reliable solution.

Take a look at our emergency lighting page to learn more about the options available in this vital product range.

What we supply and install:

>Fire Alarm Systems

>Fire Suppression Systems

>Offshore Fire Protection Equipment

>Emergency Lighting

>Warden Call Systems

>Intruder & Access Alarms


>Maintenance Packages

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Restricted access, theft and criminal damage

When it comes to protecting your property and assets against burglary, there are many options available. An approved system to alert you to risk and protection against unwanted intrusion and theft can also help with the cost of your insurance. Detect unauthorised access across multiple entry points and monitor alarm triggers with our range of equipment.

We’re also able to assist with an integrated solution of access control systems which helps to control the authorised movement of people within restricted areas and in and around buildings.

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