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Trace Heating

Maintaining the temperature of pipes, roofs and ramps is extremely important, especially for business-critical operations in industrial and manufacturing plants. Our proven track record in this field means we are the ideal supply partner for Trace Heating System installation and maintenance in East Anglia.  

As part of the Diamond Controls group, our experienced engineers offer a comprehensive specification, installation and maintenance service and are proud to be an authorised partner installer of nVent RAYCHEM. Our design and specification team are also CompEx qualified and our process fully documented within ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.   

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing system, or install a fully functioning heat tracing solution, our expertise in this area means we can create a reliable bespoke specification which perfectly fits your needs.  

Trace Heating Systems offer considerable benefits including a reduction in running costs and a lowering of the risk of vital areas becoming damaged in severe cold environments.  

>Temperature Maintenance >Frost Protection >Gutter Heating
>Ramp Heating >Underfloor Heating

The complete package

Equipment needs careful consideration, especially in potentially hazardous areas. This is why our highly skilled designers, qualified to CompEx EX12 (Application Design Engineers Core Competence Certification), help you to design your system including all calculations and full heat loss analysis.

Our package also includes full installation and we also offer a commissioning service for organisations looking to self-install.

Where we have installed our systems:

>Factories and Production Facilities

>Food Processing Plants

>Data Centres


>Offices & Commercial Premises

>Schools & Universities

>Residential Properties


>Heritage Sites

Contact us to request client case studies.

A solution for every sector

If you are a public facing organisation, heritage site, care home or other commercial enterprise, there are many advantages to having temperature control over areas such as guttering, pipework and critical access points. Costly damage, downtime and disruption can all be avoided.

In industrial and manufacturing too, essential pipework for fluid transfer, hazardous chemical transfer and safety measures such as fire mains are key areas to maintain control of temperatures.

Residential dwellings are also a core user of Trace Heating Systems, especially period properties and flat/apartment complexes.

Our experienced electricians are also able to complete underfloor heating requirements as part of your building’s temperature maintenance.

If it is your first time exploring the benefits of Trace Heating, please take a look at some of the more common requirements below.

Products – Trace Heating Systems

Please find below examples of our more commonly installed Trace Heating Systems. Please contact us for further information.

Some Applications

Process Temperature Maintenance

Industrial trace heating application

Many manufacturing processes require the transport of liquid products from one area of a facility to another. Failure to accurately control their temperature could cause spoilage or solidification. It can also negatively affect the running of production equipment and increase maintenance requirements. Trace Heating Systems can be installed to a pipeline or a vessel, using the appropriate cable heating technology, control system and quality components.

Frost Protection

Process temperature Maintenance

As the most common application for Trace Heating, frost damage, including frozen pipework and broken fittings, is a concern during the cold winter months. Water damage and costly disruption to operations and processes can be avoided by installation of this low maintenance and highly effective system.

Trace heating cables maintain fluid temperatures by replacing the lost energy through pipe insulation. We consider all of the factors, including the location and requirements of the system, before delivering your purpose-built requirement.

Critical Areas

Installation of a heat trace solution in a critical access area

Access areas such as ramps, driveways and walkways can become dangerous during harsh weather events, making them unusable and unsafe. Electric snow melting systems can prevent snow and ice build-up and leave you with a safe route for vehicles, machinery and people. These systems are extremely effective, low maintenance and can help keep your facilities fully operational during the winter months.

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