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Energy Management & Load Monitoring

Maintaining the efficiency of your electrical supply can help you control your costs and the longevity of your distribution system and equipment. At Diamond Services, we assist with monitoring and managing your energy by undertaking load monitoring assessments and testing.

This is particularly important for industrial businesses who rely on their machinery and equipment to maintain output.

An electrical load monitoring test will collect data on power quality, quantity used and sometimes harmonic data, which in turn will help us to identify and locate any electrical problems, including intermittent issues with no obvious cause. It is non-intrusive and ideal for organisations concerned about their energy usage.

The benefits of Load Monitoring

Our electrical load monitoring service provides an actionable record of power history which can be used to increase voltage quality. By identifying areas of unusual power consumption, we can help you to develop an action plan to improve your energy efficiency.

We monitor data including the currents, frequency, voltages, and power over a specified time period and report any spikes, load imbalances and drops in electrical supply. This helps to measure efficiency, output and energy costs and can prove to report early warning signs for unexpected failures.

What do we monitor?

>Distribution panels

>Industrial equipment

>Commercial building supply 

>Air conditioning / electrical heating systems

>Server rooms / data centres

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If you’d like to find out more about how Diamond Services can help your business using thermal imaging technology, please contact us.

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